Our Strengths

iMotion Pictures Inc. is an independent studio based in Vancouver that creates original video games and innovative video game technologies for the 152 billion dollar video game industry. iMotion's business interests are evenly divided between its patented technologies and its video game properties.


We have creative designers, experienced developers, innovative technology, exclusive video game properties.

Innovative action-adventure games are immensely popular with the general public. They are also the most competitive and expensive games to develop. iMotion has created a powerful and agile meta-engine that layers on top of Unity’s IDE. Using iMotion’s Meta Game Engine, iMotion's critically acclaimed game CHRONOSHOT was developed completely in house using a small fraction of the time and cost vs conventional development.


We have complexity where it is needed

AI driven dynamic spawning of game play elements are completely reactive to the player's actions and positions in the game world. iMotion achieves outstanding fidelity of control in first person and third person game characters. Advanced ballistics management treats projectiles as dynamic 3D objects with collision detection and full physics. Each of these in turn deepen interactive immersion and replayability.


We have outstanding expertise

Fluid procedural and randomized animations amplify virtual world immersion. Shoot, hunt, gather, upgrade and collect. AAA play mechanics as well as environmental physics interactions all are implemented.  Run time Data Oriented Technology System facilitates rich world state. Fully integrated analytics system speeds game-balancing and tuning of game economy.  Monetization is based on live testing and player feedback.


We deliver rapid time to market

Rigid-body based character controller for smooth, physics-based interactions with the game world. Features like swimming, climbing surfaces, moving platforms, flight dynamics and acrobatics are all supported. This facilitates the rapid development of new innovative play mechanisms as well as tried and true video game mechanics.


We don't have to reinvent the wheel

Extensive weapon and equipment customizations are easily facilitated by the iMotion Meta Game Engine. Grenades, mines, rifles, telescopic sites, machine guns, swords, shields, bow and arrows. As well as a wide array of spectacular science fiction weapons and gadgets. All game entities are drag and drop and fully exposed to the game developers.


We have innovative multiplayer technology, very high-performance at very low cost

iMotion’s multiplayer technology is inherently anti-cheat and is capable of cost effective mass market scale. It is fully cross platform, supporting PCs, consoles and mobile. This breakthrough system was developed by iMotion's team of interdisciplinary engineers and is cloud and geography agnostic.


We have proprietary compression and optimization

iMotions patented technology allows a 4x improvement in performance and speed as compared to the industry norm of 2x, enabling cinematic games to be delivered to low spec mass market platforms like smart phones and PCs

Beta Test Success


Dollars spent on viral marketing


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Rated 9/10

Rated by Google based on 300 reviews

What Reviewers Say

JON CARR - Journalist

“Very cool shooter! Similar to SUPERHOT time only moves when you do, but the 3rd person perspective, host of weapons & jetpack + level design make sure it stands as its own experience. Also the fact that you have to grab bullets out of midair to refill your ammo supply is a cool challenge. Also check out the slo-mo headshots/explosions. Awesome! Can't wait to see more from the devs.”

Lina M. - Gamer

"The gameplay is engaging. The time-bending elements add a whole new layer to the game. On one hand, it can make the game easy, but the ability to know where enemy bullets are adds a sort of 'puzzle' element to the game. The maps look cool and the soundtrack is top-tier. Although I am not a fan of this kind of futuristic music, the integration of silence really makes it all the more memorable. Unpopular opinion , but this may be the best shooter that I've played."

Alex Flanders - Gamer

"It's a very unique and strategic playing field where you have to coordinate your every move. It's different because when you're not moving, time stops and you can aim and shoot at your targets. It reminds me of Super Hot, except there are different stages, and difficulty goes up for each round you complete. Its fun, thrilling, exciting, and replayable again and again."

iMotion's critically acclaimed video game is in prerelease now!